Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food For Thought

The blog has been silent for many reasons lately, but rather than bore you with my litany of endless excuses, I would like to pass along a few words that impacted my day. A 41-year-old education professor from Liberty University was killed in a car wreck early Sunday morning. Her 17-year-old son was also killed, leaving her husband and another son to suffer the tremendous loss. As I read words of remembrance from the university website, I realized what a jewel this professor had been to her church, students, family, and the entire community. Professor Jones was a great lady, and her own words from the faculty website are a testimony to her success as a Christian.

She says,"If I could give give everyone only one piece of advice, it would be the following, 'Greet each day by sliding out of bed and hitting your knees. Tell God how much you love Him and thank Him for everything you can think of. Then give Him your day, energy, passion, desire, and needs. Talk to Him throughout the day. Turn off the radio while you drive and picture Him sitting beside you. Tell Him what is on your mind and ask Him advice. Then wait for the answer. He is always faithful to respond...we often simply assume that He will not. Finally, treat each day with the desire to make your Heavenly Father smile. I like to close my eyes and picture my actions bringing a smile to His face.'"

What practical advice, and yet most of us find it difficult to talk to our Creator like He is our closest friend. Instead, we use our best King James English, take on a fake tone of voice, and recite some overused phrases to try to get the ear of our Saviour! I hope Prof Jones' words touch you as they did me. Happy Tuesday!