Monday, January 11, 2010

Pity Party, Pretty Please?!

I really want to update this blog more often, but it seems as though the last few days have brought nothing but snow and a horrible recurrence of upper respiratory illness! Somehow I don't feel that photos of red noses, bloodshot eyes, wadded up tissue, or the video Greg shot of Alli and I performing a snoring duet would impress or inspire any of my readers (assuming I actually have two or three).
Our family has been blessed not to have had any type of stomach flu or virus (up to this point), even after exposure, but we sure have had more than our fair share of sinus infections, head colds, and probably worse. My last resort is the drs. office. Hate the place. Pill popping of any kind is also very rare for me. I feel like I have been better off in many ways by learning to endure or cope with some types of pain without the use of pain meds. Lots of grimacing and a few groans here and there usually gets me through. One major exception is the night that I came home from the hospital after having Kaitlynn. Some competent (lol) hospital employee forgot to send home my Rx for pain killer. Post c-section, that is not a good thing. :)
Anyway, today is (was) Sunday, and I went to church this a.m. looking and feeling like I had been hanging by my toenails all night! I have had sinus/allergy problems since I was a little kid (seems like I was diagnosed with an ear infection every three months...and the funniest part about the whole thing was always trying to convince the broken-English speaking doctor that I really wasn't having difficulty hearing, when I responded to his every question with, "Huh?" yeah, I've never been that great at understanding foreigners...and you have no idea how many of those stupid hearing tests I've been through!).
So here I am again, only this is practically the worst sinus headache I've ever had, and my bladder has been left terribly weakened by all the coughing (ok, so you probably didn't need to know that), and when the kids came home from church tonight, they looked at me pitifully and gave words of consolation, which indicated that I appeared to them to be on my way "out". The Excedrin and Sudafed have had little effect, and at this point I'm crediting the vaporizer (which is loaded with Skinner's salve) and the warm rice sock (poor little guy has spent all evening resting on my head) with any measure of comfort I have attained. I can feel the pressure doing the whole "snap, crackle, pop" routine in my head, so I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel.
Probably not the smartest thing to do (considering it is 1 a.m. and I have to be at work looking smart and sassy by 9 (4 kids in tow), but I just took 2 Tylenol w/codeine. Not sure if they'll have any "umph" left in them, since they were the gift the dr. sent home with me after having Allison, but I'm beginning to feel a little woozy already. Doesn't take much to get drunk when you're not a drinker, ya know!
So here's to a better week, which hopefully won't require a trip to the family dr. for me and to the ped. dr. for Allison. And thanks for reading...I can somehow hear ya'll doing an "Awww, poor thing!" in my honor.
Happy Monday!


  1. Haha! Yep, I'll give you an "AWWWWWW..." because I might need one here in the next week or two. You never know!! :)

  2. Sounds miserable! It's hard enough when I'm sick and I don't even have kiddos to also be responsible for. Hope this week you are on the mend!! Summer is just around the corner (so I keep telling myself!)

  3. I did think you looked pretty rough Sunday morning! (no offense!) :-)

    Hope this weekend finds you feeling better!


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