About Me

I am the first of three children born to my parents, Don and Ruth Nichols.  My early years gave me a solid foundation and prepared my heart to serve God, my mind to explore, and my hands to work.  Raised in a parsonage, educated in a Christian Day School, and blessed with multiple opportunities, I consider my upbringing to be my greatest asset. 
Although not set on a career as I entered my freshman year of college, divine leadership opened my heart to the ministry of Christian education in a different way than I had ever before experienced. A passion was born within my soul, and it has carried me to this moment.
Greg and Stephanie
In 1997, I married the man that captured my heart. Although very much in love, our marriage has not always been picture perfect. We each brought our own set of expectations, as well as a fair amount of stubborness, to the relationship. Our love for God, devotion to each other, and commitment to the marriage covenant have given us the ability to grow in our love and respect for one another, rather than wallow in resentment and anger. Today we are experiencing the benefits of a marriage that neither of us could have even imagined in our younger, more selfish minds. The unity that a Christian marriage provides is a priceless treasure to us, and we that our love for each other can be an example to other couples who are struggling.  A fulfilling marriage is possible; in fact, it's God's plan!

L to R: Evan, Allison, Kaitlynn, Ryan
In 1999, our son Ryan was born. In 2001, we gave him his brother, Evan. In 2004, little Kaitlynn was added to the family, and in 2007 her sister, Allison, came along to complete our home. In 2002, we experienced an early miscarriage. We know that a precious part of our family is anxiously awaiting us in Heaven.
Our goal as a family is to serve our Creator so effectively that others are blessed by our lives. We are training our children with that priority as our focus.

2011 Kindergarten Graduation - Pilgrim Christian School

In 2008, I was honored to graduate from Liberty University with the Master of Arts in Counseling degree. Although education was my chosen undergraduate degree, and my career had followed that course, my heart was drawn to a marriage and family specialization. It was a Providential path, and God is opening opportunities for me to use that knowledge, both in my classroom and in places where women need enlightened and encouraged.
I have been teaching in the Christian day school setting since 1998, and am fulfilled in helping families implement I Timothy 4:7, Ephesians 6:4, and a host of other Biblical training principles

A few of my favorite things:
fall, camping, dark chocolate, blogging, scouring department stores for deals, couponing, studying, singing, playing piano, Jalepeno's Mexican Grill, watching my children excel, staying up too late, being with family and friends, Dutch Blitz (I never win, but it's always fun, especially when combined with staying up too late and being with family and friends!), Biggby coffee, dates with Greg, worshipping with my church family, teaching faith and facts to children, Dr. Pepper, relaxing near a body of water (anything from a mountain stream to the ocean - love 'em all!), Gordon Food Service, the scent and flavor of hazelnut.  This list is not exhaustive.  :-)