Monday, December 14, 2009

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

Since my last post didn't generate much interest, I thought I would share a couple of things that happened at the Nichols' family Christmas this past weekend.
Like many other moms, my mom sometimes struggles to find the "perfect" gifts for her grown kids. She told me that I am extremely difficult person for which to buy gifts...I told her that I get it from her. :) The easy route would be for her to either give us a gift card or hand us cash (useful but not very creative!), but she enjoys Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, and the element of surprise involved. She always does a great job, and this year was no exception.
After we were finished with the traditional time of gift-giving, mom gathered the kids and gave them instructions regarding the beginning of a new Christmas tradition...a "dollar hunt" for the grandkids. She "hid" 50 $1 bills in the living room (being careful not to hide anything too high), and the kids were to bring them to her, one at a time, as they found them. She would then divide them up evenly and distribute them at the end of the hunt. Talk about excitement! Aubrey was asleep, so she was just able to collect her little stack after her nap. Good memories!

Mom and Dad gathered all the adults in the family room and mom talked a little bit about marriage, noting the fact that we all have either reached or passed our 5th anniversary. She mentioned that, as a family, our marriages have survived longer than most, and that was something to be treasured and celebrated. She also noted that we were all at a point where the cares of life (work, sickness, small children) could threaten our relationships. She and Dad wanted to give us something that would help to keep us refreshed and strong as a couple. Then she presented us with an overnight package to Holmes County (babysitting included), that we can use within the first 3 months of 2010...

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  1. What a Marvelous Gift!!! Drop a note to my in-laws, would ya?! ;-)


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