Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As I write this post, many of our people are gathered in Zanesville, OH to celebrate the life of one of my heroes.  Although I could not attend the funeral of  Judy Williams because of my Learning Center obligations, my thoughts have been flooded with memories today.
The Victory Trio are three of the most precious ladies I have ever known...and I know a lot of precious ladies!  Many of my early memories include being part of some of the greatest children's choirs on the planet.  :)  We were probably quite short on technique, but the Victory Trio pulled every ounce of "sing" out of us.  And the spiritual growth that occured during the week before those platform events ensured that our song came from the heart!  I attribute much of my ease in public performance to those times when we would receive a little note in the mail from Miss Penny asking me to do a solo at IHC or when Miss Mary would hand me the microphone for my "turn" at one of their famous choruses.  I saw how God could use children when they were properly prepared to minister.  It was fantastic, and I'll never forget it. 
I lament that my kids (especially the youngest two) did not have the opportunity to sit under these talented women, but  I treasure the moments that the boys had with them.  My favorite is when Evan at age 3, during the PHC camp children's program, sang a solo with perfect pitch and diction.  We still enjoy watching that dvd.
My world is a better place because of the Victory Trio.  Their humor, kindness, concern, consistency, and genuine passion for their calling was woven through everything they touched.  They lived the love of Jesus to us young 'uns, and I'm forever grateful!


  1. I too have been saddened by the passing of Sis. Judy! Heaven is getting richer each day. =)

  2. I to have MANY meomries of the Victory Trio. So many summer memories they are included! THey even knew how to bring the presence of the LORD into a Childrens service!!! I loved it! I felt proud and Honored to know them each...and to be one they actually remembered my name...but yet they had that way of making each child feel equally important. When I graduated from college and Highschool they were in attendance...due to holding the childrens service at UBC. I still remember their touching letter and card they gave to me when I graduated Highschool...I sat in the living room crying realizing how much 3 VERY Special ladies can touch your life to your soul. I am blessed!


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