Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Bein' Me!

She's her own girl.

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I love the concept of individuality.  I admire someone who is willing to be different simply because that is who they are.  Not to get attention or make a statement, but just as an honest part of their being.  Although I would look ridiculous in the "flower power" hat that my daughter is wearing, she wears it well and may be able to still pull it off when she's 35...it's her! 
One of the most frustrating things one of my children might say are the words, "But ______ won't like my hair like this." or "My friends will laugh at me."  I have just a few years to help them get beyond the pressure that ultimately builds in any circle, and I intend to nurture their individual preferences, talents, and gifts the best that I can. 
Obviously, in any society there are extremes, but those extremes are mostly birthed by self-image issues, not genuine flair that is part of their genetics or personality.  And, many of them fall outside of Biblical guidelines.
I really feel that God created us with much more diversity than is expressed.  We are so compelled to fit into our sub-groups, that we fail to bring our creativity and color to the table.  We have great ideas, but then squelch them because someone else might think them ridiculous. We realize a God-given "bent", but fail to develop it because of a fear of comparison or inadequacy. 
Part of serving the Lord "in sincerity and in truth" is being real, being transparent, and being confident in who we are created to be, knowing that our strengths are unique to us, and vital to the plan God has for our particular set of circumstances. 
More than likely, each of us has legitimate dreams and hopes that are suffocating for one reason or another.  And I can't say (with any certainty) that if you expose your dream you will be exempt from skepticism or cynicism.  The world is full of both, and the church has her share, as well.  But...if God is opening a door or revealing a plan, then there aren't enough skeptics or cynics alive to tear those hopes from your fingertips. 
Just be authentic.  Be ambitious.  Be fearless.  Be YOU!


  1. Do you think women struggle with this more than men? It seems women are really hard on each other and themselves...something I'm doing better with as the years roll by :) Good thoughts!

  2. Leah,
    I really think that women feel more of a need to fit in than men do, but I think men struggle just as much with the dream thing. Maybe even more. Men have the amazing ability to compartmentalize their feelings, which allows them to (unintentionally) keep many things under wraps...which is yet another big reason that we need to really listen to our man's heart, even though we have the urge to just keep talking, and talking, and talking...(lol).
    These are just my thoughts, of course. :)


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