Monday, June 13, 2011

Recent freebies:

I love receiving free items in my mailbox. I was sooo excited to receive the Glade set (worth probably $15+), and then coupons for the cottage cheese, sweet potato fries, and a full size Cottonelle wipes ( a value of about $10 at Walmart). I have had so little computer time lately, and my freebies stash has thinned a little. I'm anxious to get back into my couponing routine! What is your favorite recent "freebie"?
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  1. got some great freebies!
    I've been enjoying some new products that aren't on the market yet.
    I get paid a bit to fill out surveys for Pinecone Research and from time to time they will send me products to review.
    My latest freebie from them is a full sized Tom's of Maine deoderant. :)
    A couple of weeks ago I received a large container of mini Oreos. The whole family got to enjoy those!

  2. Isn't it amazing how the smallest things can totally make you smile? Love it!

  3. I tried to leave a comment on here many times & it would not go through! SO I will try again today..... :-/
    Where did you find these freebies?

    Also, I just read on Google Reader your post about FUnd Raisers, but it isn't showing up on your blog yet, but I have to leave a comment when I read it or I will forget. :-)
    My favorite fundraiser would be a product that I would buy anyway or can at least use, so it doesn't cut into my grocery budget to purchase it. I know fundraisers are about giving to help the school, but if you have a tight budget the money just isn't there, but if I am able to fit it in I really TRY to. That is a lot of words to say a small thing, but can't think condensed right now. LOL
    Our homeschools favorite fundraiser is Butter Braid. They are THE BEST & people LOVE them & love to buy them. It is a frozen unbaked pastry & they also have cookie doughs as well. Easy "homemade" pastry or cookies without the work. My boss loved them, because she hates to cook, but with these pastries, her guests think she has spent a lot of time baking for them. :-) Joel Wegener is the man to talk to about them. He is a part of our church & this is their business.
    1 513.319.1990

    They offer us family passes to Nationwide Museums, The Creation Museum & the zoo as some of our incentives. I LOVE it because we only had to sell like 18 of them to receive a family pass to the Museum. This has been such a blessing the last 2 years. Been able to use it to Cozi, Cincy Children's Museum & Dayton Museum.

    Sorry for the Length,

  4. For whatever reason I can not log in & post a comment on your blog! I have tried every way I know how & it keeps bumping me back to Select profile. Anyway, I signed Dee & thought I better clarify, that the comment was from Deanna Kennedy. :-) Wow, I am sSOoooo wordy today..........Sorry


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