Sunday, June 19, 2011

Care to Share? (again)

I spent the 1st half of the morning with these two, and
they had me cracking up!  I ended up being the
spokeswoman, while they provided great backup smiles.  :)
(Photos from my most recent day in sales for PCS)
The "school fundraiser" - some dread it, some crave it, others endure it.  We all have our favorite fundraiser, whether it is something we were involved in as a kid, or what we would prefer for our own children.  It is always difficult for me to "read" people when it comes to their like or dislike of a particular fundraiser, hence this post.  :)
As a young student, even up through high school, candy bars seemed to be the biggest hit, the largest profit, and the easiest to sell.  In our house, there was no choice about the matter when it came to participating in fundraisers.  My parents didn't do the work for us, either.  Mom would take candy bars to the hospital when she did shifts, but we beat on countless doors walking block to block selling candy.  This is just one of the many small things that our parents required of us that I am thrilled about to this day.  Those were our first lessons in public relations and communications, and boy, were they good ones!  The fundraisers also taught us the value of a dollar, and that nice things at school didn't just happen, but were the result of a concentrated group effort.
As fundraising coordinators @ PCS, we analyze several different facets of a particular fundraiser, including the demand for the product, quality of the product, profit margin, ease of ordering, tracking, and delivery.  Anytime a new fundraiser is introduced, we always hold our breath hoping it will be a worthwhile effort.  Very few times have we been disappointed (thank goodness!). 
In thinking toward next year's fundraisers, we already have a few good ideas in place, but I would love to hear your favorite fundraiser, whether as a student, a parent, or a consumer of the service/product.  Do you prefer a service (car wash, etc.), a product (bake sale, discount card, peeler, candles), or a student incentive, where money is donated based on a performance (bike-a-thon, etc.)?  Maybe yours is totally out of the box, which would be awesome! We need either need some fresh, fun fundraisers, or a revival of the 'oldies but goodies'!  Let me know what you think.  I would like to have lots of input from a variety of places, especially those who have been involved in a small Christian school environment.
I was able to spend the 2nd half of the day with Ryan and Rachel.
They are aggressive, friendly, and was great!
***During the morning stint with Allison and Emilee, Alli was very tuned into the whole process.  At one point, a customer responded with, "Sorry, I don't have any cash on me."  The next lady that came by wasn't too friendly, and just simply said, "No."  Allison promptly (and loudly) replied, "She doesn't have any cash on her."  That little gal is great at saying everything that I am thinking! 
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  1. Thanks, Deanna! Someone gave me a catalog for Butterbraid (I think that is what it is called), but I didn't pursue it because I wasn't familiar with it. I will check back into it...sounds good!

  2. In my opinion (and I, like you, have knocked on many doors! :)), the candy bar fundraisers we did as kids were the best. I am so weary of the catalogs containing items that cost no less than $10. I often don't carry cash on me, but it's nothing for me to have a dollar or two in change and it gives me the opportunity to help out several kids, instead of having to say, "Well, I've already bought..."

    I don't know what the profit margin is, but GFS has boxes of candy bars suitable for fundraising.


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