Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Ideas - #2

Last Christmas, one of my students gifted me a painted, stemmed glass loaded with different candies.  Through the next several weeks, I really enjoyed having this decorating my desk. It was the perfect small snack during those "need some chocolate" moments.

Stemmed glass (decorated or not), confetti,
a round styrofoam ball, straight pins, candy

This year, I have decided to re-gift the stemware part, and add new candies. Mine (pictured above) isn't quite as pretty as the original because I didn't get the perfect shape/size of candy for layering. If I remember correctly, holiday tootsie rolls (which I couldn't find) were in the first one. This would make a great gift for a co-worker or an employer. A girl who cleans houses recently asked me about gifting her employer (who is rich and in need of nothing...lol). I suggested a gift of food - pie, buckeyes, cheese ball - but this would be a perfect gift for that situation. It lets them know you care without spending a ton of money and risking the purchase of something they already have or don't need. I hope you are wrapping up your shopping with ease! We pared our list down to 49 this year. Yes, that is 49 people on my Christmas list, not even counting Greg or myself. If there's anything left, I guess we might decided to add ourselves, putting it up to 51. :-) Last year we were somewhere around 55, and we decided to draw names in one gift exchange which helped to pull the number down somewhat.

Our first Christmas gathering is now history.  We celebrated with my family last Saturday.  This coming weekend will find us in Cincinnati with all of our extended Yount family (oh, the wonderful, happy craziness and noise!), and New Year's weekend will be celebrated with our Burley family in Michigan. 

Praying for safe travels and good health!

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