Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's Your Color?

I'm in love with this little man, and a few more just like him! Snowmen are so festive and so stinkin' cute! He has siblings all over my house.  :-)

After 13 years with the same tree decked with multicolored lights, we decided to switch things up a bit. We used all white lights, added a new tree skirt and stockings, and I placed white and red berry sprigs randomly throughout the tree.

The kids were hesitant to switch to white lights cause they are "anytime" lights, but everyone was willing to give it a chance.

It's turned out to be a really beautiful tree, but it just doesn't seem quite right without the blaze of color.

So I'm already wondering about next year...maybe it will bring a bigger house so we can have one of each!

Anyone want to share your colors and why you choose them?


  1. My entire tree is in neutral colors! They are overtaking my whole house. I have neutral colors everywhere and apparently I like them, but hello, it would be good to have a pop of color just somewhere! :)

  2. Our trees are as follows: Red and Gold in the dining room and a disaster of color in the family room. LOL!!


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