Friday, February 17, 2012

Holding Loosely...

It's Friday.  TGIF, to say the least!  This week has been a whirlwind of activity and emotion, and it seems that this evening the world is standing still to allow us breathe deeply and savor rest.  Literally, the peacefulness that surrounds me right now is so uncommon that I would be tempted to think it's a dream.  :-) Ahhhh.
My mind is constantly (every few minutes) going to Ryan and wondering just what he is experiencing at every turn of his trip.  It's a pretty big thing for a "little" guy his age, and I keep asking myself if it was the right thing.  The peace in my heart tells me yes. 
On the other hand, this little voice is saying, "How inconsistent you are!  The mom who doesn't allow her son to participate in sleepovers, surf the internet, or have his own cell phone is sending him to a foreign country via eight different airplanes for 12 days!"  Eeek!
But then another voice, one that I recognize for leadership and guidance, says,
"Hold them tightly from the world, but hold them loosely to Me."


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  1. Can't imagine what your Mommy-heart is experiencing! Praying for him/y'all!

    Thanks for your sweet comment. Phillip hasn't done that kind of artwork for several years...mainly due to time. But, he still has it in him...when I ask him to draw me a border on my chalkboard, etc. he has no problem doing it. If an opportunity arose that he wanted to draw a person, he could. God definitely has blessed him. Yes, I could NOT believe how beautifully he did my picture!

    Love y'all,


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