Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mom Talk

I'm a mom.  I love my kids. I make rules and set boundaries for them.  I sometimes tell them yes, and sometimes tell them no.  And I'm fine with that...even when they make fun of me and call me names.  Mean ones like "paranoid" and "overprotective."  :-)
When we make decisions concerning the four children God has given us, we make them with their best interest at heart.  As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my primary responsibilities as a Proverbs momma is to protect my home, and that protection extends to my children and my husband. 
It is becoming rather apparent that my role as a mom is changing. 
When the kids were younger (both Alli and Kait still qualify), I found myself focusing on protecting their bodies.  As tiny, fragile newborns, I held their backs while they strengthened their neck muscles and gained coordination.  As they began to scoot around, I kept their play area free from harmful objects.  And then, as they took those first steps, it was imperative that doorways be blocked to keep them away from staircases, stoves, and toilets. 
With the passing of weeks, months, and years, toddling turned to running and doorways turned to driveways.  By the time they were old enough to see and sense serious danger for themselves, I began to relax.  But only for a minute.
Suddenly, the weight of my evolving role began to settle upon me...
"Mom - Protector of the Heart"
This one brings me to the present.  It causes me to maintain a state of prayerfulness and carefulness.  It challenges me to stand courageously, and remain strong in principle.  Why? Because I am in a war.  Everything in this culture is working against my role.  The battle is for the hearts of my kids, but the enemy is adept at disguising its intent.  Its lures are cunning and shrewd. It prides itself in taking down even the most charactered.  Working in its favor is the fact that many don't even realize that the perpetrator has slipped through the back door and is meandering through the hallways of their homes.
I used to wonder why my mom seemed to have a back bone of steel.  I secretly wished she would be like other "cool" moms who appeared to be a daughter's best friend.  One of those moms that never asked the tough questions or demanded accountability.
It didn't take more than a decade for me to realize that God gave me a precious gift by giving me a mom who bears the title Protector of the Heart.  It paid off.  And she is my best friend.  :-)
Today I find myself wearing the armor and bearing the weapons.  My role as a protector of the heart is a full time job, with overtime most days.  But it's a task that I have no desire to shirk. I love their hearts too much to be deterred by whimpers of, "...but all the other kids do it!" and questions like, "Wow...your mom really won't let you?" or choruses of , "Seriously, mom..."  
 And someday, when they pick up their armor and brandish their weapons, they'll remember their momma...the woman with her mind made up, and her heart full of love. 
And they will stand - with courage
This is my prayer.

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