Monday, March 19, 2012

Does anyone...

use for finance management?  I was considering it, and just wondered if anyone else had experience they would like to share.


  1. Robert uses it and loves it! He says it's so much easier for everything to be in one place.

  2. I use it some. I like it, just haven't taken the time to figure out how to use it to the best of its ability.
    Neat thing is that the updates automatically appear on Rob's iphone.

  3. Thanks for your input, Carrie and Deanna...I am really needing to streamline everything into one program. I'm almost completely finished with checks and stamps (sorry USPS), and am looking for the best system for someone who isn't super tech savvy. I also like it that they have an app for my Android phone. :-) Knowing you use it makes me feel more confident with it.


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