Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Put Your Smile On!

If anything can turn me into a big baby, a complete whiner, a rotten brat, it's having a paint brush in my hand.  Shhhh...I think I get it from my mom. She doesn't whine, she just doesn't paint.  :-)  That would be the perfect solution to my problem...if I didn't have so much painting that needed done! 

Knowing my propensity toward unacceptable paintbrush wielding attitudes, I did a little mental prep work. The conversation went something like this:

Because you're almost 36, it's high time for you to be able to paint a room without grumbling, getting annoyed at the kids, or filling your mind with negative self talk.   Put your smile on."

That's what I did.  It worked.  And it usually does.  My most dreaded tasks can become 50-100% bigger (or smaller) in my mind simply because of how I choose to face them. 

The room I had before me was interesting.  When we purchased our home, the seller had just redone her boys' room in a Chopper theme.  She painted a solid border around the top of the wall in deep red, the top half of the wall was a light gray, and the bottom half was textured and dark navy. She applied a 12 inch border around the middle of the room that was similar to a silver reflective tape, and covered the outlets, light switches, and cable ports in the same border.  She made wooden valances for the windows, painted them the deep red, and put a strip of border on the center of each of them. She also did a really nice mural on one wall. 

After 5 years of our boys living in this little abode (with frequent visits from their sisters), it was looking pretty sad, not to mention that the theme wasn't real attractive to potential homebuyers.  So, the reds and navys are no more...the entire room is a very light gray, and the paint is all out from under my nails.  Now I have a few grays  in my hair...don't be's just paint!

What's your dreaded task for the week?  Take my challenge...put your smile on!

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