Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wanna join me?

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  1. I have been so disgusted with the changes J.C. Penney has made over the past few months as well. I HATE the loud music in certain departments, the new store arrangement, the pricing changes, their "ads," and just about everything about their store. I used to regularly shop there due to their good deals and choices of clothing. I rarely go there now. I think Mr. Penney would roll over in his grave if he knew how terrible his stores have become. We have a copy of his biography and he stood for Christian principles. Very sad!

    1. The first thought I had was that Mr. Penney would roll over in his grave. It's really sad that what could have been a wonderful legacy has turned into something so demoralizing. I was in Penney's on Saturday, looking for something specific, and told Greg that I didn't feel Penney's was going to last long due to the changes. This was before I saw Sunday's ad. One positive change...they carried a lot more ladies dresses (at least in our local store) than before. That, however, is no exchange for what has happened now.

  2. Wow-- I Can't believe this!!! I echo Sharonda, I'm sure Mr. J.C. Penney would never have dreamed... Isn't he the one who tithed 90% and lived on 10%?? I won't be shopping there anytime soon!!!


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