Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy 38th Anniversary...

to my parents! Their relationship practically started at Pilgrim Holiness Church Camp about 40 years ago, so it's only fitting that their anniversary typically be church camp!

There are several specific things (in addition to many others) that I admire about my parents' relationship:

  • They are each other's best friend.  Only when their jobs or unique circumstances take them in different directions will you find them apart.  They love to be together, and even typically find a way to meet for a 30 minute lunch break during the workday. 
  • They support each other in their individual roles. My dad often does the laundry, and I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen him set the table or run the vacuum.  When my dad has a ministry opportunity to fill, my mom rearranges or adds to her very full teaching schedule, and comes along side to lift his load and add her touch to whatever it is that needs tending. 
  • They are affectionate.  Far too many kids don't visibly see that their parents are in love.  Mushy, gushy love.  Yup, I's gross, right?  But what better security for my little heart than to see that my parents are in luv?  :-)
  • I've seen them both humble themselves and admit their shortcomings and failures.  They have shown me that forgiveness is important and vital to a healthy marriage.
Don and Ruth (Yount) Nichols ~ June 15, 1974
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for protecting and preserving the strength, unity,
and love in your marriage relationship.  I celebrate that today!

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