Friday, May 31, 2013

From My Point Of View...

A couple of days after my accident, I read a blog post that spoke words that I needed. Blogger Andrea was talking out her daughter, Nora, and how much Nora loved to chase bubbles that Andrea would blow for her. Andrea noticed whenever she blew bubbles, Nora would focus on one in particular, ignoring all the others that may have been even closer in proximity. She would pass up numerous bubbles in her quest to reach the one that had caught her attention. Andrea likened Nora’s bubble chasing to opportunities that many of us pass up daily. Although focus is a positive thing, sometimes we need to step back and see what is within our grasp that we are missing because we are so fixated upon our “goal.”

When I fell, as you can imagine, my mind began to swirl with anxious thoughts about all that needed to be accomplished within the weeks following. As quickly as the panic would come, it seemed like God would comfort me with the assurance that He would take care of all of those things. He also clearly told me that during these weeks of healing (which sometimes tend to feel very confining) He would provide me with opportunities that I would normally overlook.

Have you ever been rushing through life thinking to yourself, “I really ought to send _____ a note of encouragement,” or “I need to have more one-on-one chats with my children to remind myself of their individuality and draw out their unique concerns and ideas,” or “I would love to be part of a Bible Study or Women's Group!” Those examples just scratch the surface of all the “I wish…” thoughts that scramble their way through one’s mind. You can fill in the blank with your own want to/need to thoughts, I’m sure. But hours turn to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, and astonishingly months can turn into years before we actually quit chasing the big bubble and begin reaching for the multitude of bubbles that are smaller, closer, and probably a whole lot more meaningful.

As you go through your day today and throughout this week, I challenge you to sit down (not to get comfy and fall asleep) and watch as the bubbles of opportunity fall around you. If you begin to see them all at once, grab a pen and paper and make a list so you don’t forget. Prioritize and tackle. My experience is that you’ll feel totally refreshed by experiences that normally wouldn’t garner your attention. I love it that the little bubbles shine, too…if I slow down long enough to experience them before they burst and evaporate!

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