Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Deals...

I have been a "couponer" for several years now, and enjoy the benefits of saving a few bucks here and there. These days, couponing has turned into a major hobby, with coupons appearing on smart phones, in boxes, magazines, and about everywhere else you look. Although some of my friends have challenged me to go to websites and start downloading and printing, I have had to tell myself that my lifestyle does not lend itself to spending that much time and energy on couponing. So, I pull what I need from the Sunday paper, and then a few things are sent to my email (most importantly my Biggby coupons...lol), and I have an app on my phone that lists lots of under-advertised coupons and deals that I would otherwise never know about.
One thing that I have done pretty faithfully is keep up with CVS deals. I would probably never have started shopping there, but when our school moved about 4 years ago, I had no excuse. I would pass a CVS every day. I signed up for my Extra Care card, and the savings began. These days, though, CVS is killin' it! The deals are incredible!
A couple of Saturday nights ago, I entered CVS armed with a few coupons and a CVS ad. I was so tired (grocery shopping ranks #2 in my top 10 list of most hated tasks...a necessary waste of time!), and my patience with matching up brands and coupons and Extra Bucks deals ran thin very quickly. I said to myself, "Ok...this is not worth it...I'm outta here." I went to the cash register, checked out, and this was my deal (even after giving up)...

4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal ($10+ value)
1 Nivea lip balm ($2.99 value)
2 cans of Aussie hair care products ($7 value)
2 Oral B toothbrushes ($8 value)

My total, after coupons and EB for future use, LESS THAN $5! Take that, WalMart!
***I'm sure hoping to get over this sickness soon...My EB are calling, and I need to get to CVS! And maybe after that I'll run on over to Speedway and cash in some rewards points for a $25 Outback gift card, pair that with my $10 off Outback coupon, and take my sweetheart on a date...for free!


  1. Wow - I love good deals and these stories amaze me :) I've not caught on to the CVS shopping trend, but would love to understand how it works! Way to go!!

    By the way - as much as I love to shop, I also d-r-e-a-d grocery shopping!!!

  2. Leah...
    Just sign up for an Extra Care card (takes seconds), then check their ad each week. They will have deals where if you purchase certain items, they will give you Extra Bucks (CVS money...just like real bucks) to use on future purchases (you can turn right around and use it before you leave the store if you want). Usually Sunday papers will have coupons that correspond, and by the time you use the coupons on those items, voila...it's practically free. Example... Oral B toothbrush (special, more expensive kind) reg. $4 plus $4 back in Ex. Bk. Free toothbrush. Pair that with a BOGO coupon out of the paper, and you get 2-$4 toothbrushes for $4, plus $8 Ex. Bks. In other words, I paid them $4 for 2 toothbrushes, and they gave me $8 back. I can use that $8 for milk, eggs, cards, etc. I usually pair mine with more ad coupons, and save again the next time around. It's an addictive routine. :)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I am loving CVS deals and yes, grocery shopping is a necessary evil! HA
    I hope you all feel better soon!.

    BTW my husband and I saw your parents around Christmas at Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge. Small world!!


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