Wednesday, March 24, 2010


to Liberty University for having both the courage and the motivation to make this move. Copy and paste to see the story.
LU is a Christian entity that has amazing credibility even in the non-Christian world. The passage of this horrendous bill has aggravated me so much that I've just had to turn off other media and read magazines and Seriously, what has happened is sickening to any of us who have a clue about the ultimate direction that this president is taking our country. I can only imagine a healthcare system that is as messed up as welfare, government education, or anything else they touch. It will impact our city tremendously because healthcare is one of the few things our economy has in its favor.
Anyway, if you don't understand the two areas that this bill touches, the above article will help explain it a little better. Betcha most college students didn't even know that the impact to student loans is a huge part of the bill...not that I'm in favor of student loans, but anyway...

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