Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Duggar...Thoughts?

Whether or not you care, you probably are aware that the Duggars are set to welcome number 20.  I say they are "set" because after like #8 or #9 I seriously wonder if anyone even notices that there is another body in the house!  :-) 

I am kept so busy with our current family size, that I'm not sure how to even process what a day at the Duggar house would look like.  But they seem to be doing a really good job raising a house full of charactered kids, and that is commendable.

What amazes me is the amount of anger the Duggar's decision is generating among a segment of the population.  Of course, those whose primary concern is "Mother Earth" are all in a wad, and then there are those who can't find it within themselves to believe that a large family can be raised without government assistance and are ticked off - I'm not getting that one, since the Duggars are not depending on our tax dollars.  Then there are a few who think Michelle is killing her own body by going through this process so many times. 

What I'm not hearing as much is that Baby Josie had to be delivered tremendously early (3-1/2 mos.) because of Michelle's health.  Now, Michelle could go on to have healthy prenancies and babies from here on out, but is it responsible to place such a risk upon a developing, pre-born baby?  I can't imagine the stress Little Josie's body went through for all of those months that she was struggling to survive and develop outside of her mother's body. 

So, not that it is any of my business whatsover, but I guess I do have an opinion.  :-)

Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

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  1. I saw that article and I guess my opinion is somewhere on the fence. If she can have healthy normal babies from here on out and they can continue to afford them and raise them like they have been, then the more the merrier I guess. But if she has a 2nd one in a row with complications I'd say it might be time to close up shop.


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