Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 7...Decisions, Decisions

My decisions matter, especially to them.

Who knew the little things could matter so much? As I sit here in the waiting room of a doctor's office, I'm reminded of the significance of "little things." Although not a germ "freak," I consider myself to be quite aware of the microscopic bacterium that are undoubtedly covering every square inch of this place.  Eeeewww...get me out of here! 

But just as one teeny little germ can wreak havoc on my health, one teeny little decision can change the course of my destiny. 

I like the analogy that my dad uses when preaching and teaching about choices.  He says that life is kind of like a computer.  At start up, the menu is wide.  There are lots of icons, lots of opportunities.  As we make decisions, the menu narrows and we are restrained by the choices we have made.  Unfortunately, there isn't a little "x" at the top of life's page that offers an escape from our choices.  We carry the baggage from our decisions...whatever they may be. 

Every day I make choices.  Some are small.  Others are much larger.  Some seem small enough, but have long-term consequences. 
Had I known that wearing my hair up on my head in the same way for so many days/months would leave me with a golf-ball sized bald spot on the back of my scalp, I would have chosen a different hair style.  Did I purposefully mess up my mop of thick hair?  No, but whether or not I meant to, I live with the consequence.
Most days, I over-eat and under-exercise.  I can give you a million excuses, but they don't change the consequence of my choice.

My mom was pretty diligent in teaching us the concept of sowing and reaping.  At the time, I was kind of sick of hearing about it, but she did it right...she had me scared to death of making wrong decisions.  On days that my head wasn't attached right, I made good decisions just because she taught me to do it.  On principle.  Most days, I made right decisions because I knew that the opportunities that followed would be determined by my choices.  Plus I wanted to do right, and I wanted to please God.  How those things work to one's advantage!

But my obligation to good decisions isn't over just because I've spent a decent portion of my life working at it.  In fact, it's only beginning.  Now there are four sets of eyes watching me make my choices.  My choices affect their menu, as well.  What makes us think we are the only ones that live with the consequences of our decisions?  I've heard too many stories in the last two weeks to believe that. 

So, I have to remain diligent in decision making.

The small things count. 

The big things count. 

Everything counts.

"We win or lose by what we choose."

Action step: People who make good decisions seem to be more thankful.  Watch people who consistently make bad decisions.  I see blame, ungratefulness, even bitterness. 
Ask God for guidance in all decisions, then choose as He directs.  No decision is too small to bring before Him.  Elizabeth George says to divide index cards into squares and write down decisions so that they are handy for prayer. 
My thankfulness seems to multiply when I sense His guidance in my life.  That's a blessing worth sharing!

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