Thursday, February 21, 2013

Worth the time...

As I was perusing Family Christian Stores a couple of weeks ago, the current issue of life:beautiful captured my attention. I picked it up, and noticed that a topic I had been studying was mentioned in one of the articles. Since I was having trouble finding practical information on the particular subject, I decided to part with $5 and buy the magazine. A couple of years ago I picked one up - mostly intrigued by the appeal of the cover - but wasn't so eager to put down the money, so I left the store without it. :-)
This week I was finally able to really spend some time with this beautiful piece of art. In addition to the variety of faith-building articles, decorating tips, tasty recipes, DIY ideas (with free online templates), and large photo spreads, it is like a vacation for the eyes. The spectrum of colors presented in the tastefully designed pages really take the reader away for awhile. I'm guessing it is maybe 10x13 in size, and is flat out easy to read. Best of all, in this 97 page issue, there is not one advertisement!

I don't subscribe to many magazines. In fact, I'll get Women's Day if it's free or nearly free (ever notice they put a monthly Scripture verse on page 2?), and maybe a hunting mag for the guys if there isn't much cost involved. Magazines are mostly filled with vanity, Hollywood gossip (trash), or ads these days, so it's really nice to find one that values the reader and offers a pleasing presentation that grabs ones senses.

life:beautiful is published quarterly and is $4.95 per issue or $18.95 per year. Let me know if you have enjoyed this magazine or would like to borrow my copy! :-)


  1. Me me me! I want to borrow it! I'll trade ya a tub of Superkid ice cream for it, lol!

    1. I hope you're enjoying the mag...the kids are devouring Superkid. Lol!


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