Friday, September 17, 2010

News Flash...

Well, the big man of the house has decided it's time to...drum roll, please....lose some weight. He said that being closer to 400 lbs. than 300 is a little unnerving. I wouldn't know, thank goodness.

Now, the only impact this has had on me so far is that he decided to do it the very night I had devised an evil plan for him to escape to Dairy Queen (after the kids were in bed, of course) to get us each a Blizzard. Wouldn't you know. Anyway, he sweetly told me that he would get me a Blizzard, but since I find it really hard to sin by myself, I declined. We remain Blizzardless to this moment.

In thinking about the whole issue of weight loss, I am amazed by the difference in the way each gender approaches the issue. If I were going on a diet, for instance, I would probably choose a point in the not too distant future, but not right at this moment, to begin the effort. This would provide some time to mentally prepare, enjoy some forbidden "fruits", and stock my fridge with acceptable, palatable, or even just tolerable foods. I'm guessing most women would do the same.

Not a man, however. A man says, "Hey, I'm going on a diet. Like now." And from then on, every decision that involves the digestive system is made with the goal in sight. Funny.

So, here's to my hubby and his challenge. I know he can do it. And I'm planning, February 31st, 2011, to join him in this effort. :)


  1. :) Hope he's still pluggin away...I'm sure he is. And, good for you! I'm sure having a partner to do it with will help stay on track.

  2. Hey Val...if you wouldn't mind, check your 2011 calendar and see where Feb. 31st falls...I'm not sure whether it is a Monday or a Friday...haha!

  3. UGH! WHY!!! Hate it when I don't think!


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