Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over the last couple of years, I have felt a little less than patriotic. I guess our current political situation has clouded my emotions a bit, and I need to refocus on the great people who have fought and died for our freedoms. Anyway, one thing for which I am constantly grateful is the fact that in this great country we are allowed to educate our children in the way we feel is best for them, both spiritually and academically. We don't all have the same convictions on the issue, and that is fine. We are, as families, individually responsible for doing what God has asked us to do, and He will require what He has asked. So, at this point in our lives, we are blessed to be a part of a Christian day school. We are all fulfilled in this, and clear that it is God's will for us. Thank goodness He isn't asking me to homeschool...some of you are great at that, but I'm plenty happy to have Mrs. Pouzar doing the honors for my kids! :)
So, again this year, I am teaching kindergarten/preschool three days a week, and co-teaching in the Upper Level classroom on Tuesday and Thursday. It definitely keeps me on my toes...such a big difference in age, curriculum level, and maturity! It is working rather well, though, and I am happy to be where God can use me, even if it means I'm never really sure what day it is or where I am supposed to least when I first awake in the morning!
When I first began to teach kindergarten, going down to three days a week and being home the other two, I became a little ansy about those two days "off". I applied with Lima City Schools to be a sub teacher in the elementary (just for the experience of it, I guess), and after spending time on the phone with Ohio's Dept. of Ed. (not exactly the friendliest office on the planet), as well as the Academic Dean from GBS (where I received my Elem. Ed. degree), I was told that I would basically need to aquire an M.Ed. and a state teacher's license before being permitted into Ohio's classrooms, even as a sub. The Dean from GBS put it to me this way, "We did not train you to teach in public education. We trained you to teach in the Christian day school." At 27 years of age, that statement impacted me greatly. Not too long after, we were given the opportunity to attend Liberty, and I was able to choose the degree that most interested me, not feeling pushed toward an M.Ed. just because. I'm thankful for God's direction, and for Him keeping me from some things that could have been a distraction from His plan for my life. So, after lots of rambling, I'm enjoying where He has placed me during the 2010-2011 school year!
I took this pic for Aaron's mom, since she forgot her camera that morning. No one was more thrilled to be in kindergarten than this little guy!

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I spend my day with this sweet little group. I am having way too much fun teaching them how to read, and sharing with them the wonderful stories of the Bible. They are so eager to learn, and doing so well!

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