Friday, July 15, 2011

Buying/Selling Good Used Kids Clothes

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OUAC is a chain used clothing store, which also offers a small variety of new items.  They are a franchise store, and have locations in multiple cities and towns. 
One of the biggest complaints from people who are used to shopping garage sales and thrift stores is that OUAC is overpriced, and for many items I feel they are, as well.  Some things to keep in mind when buying from OUAC:
  • Tops will usually run from $2.99 to $4.99, depending on name brand.  Bottoms are about the same.  I paid $8 for a Tommy H. denim dress for Allison that was used but adorable, modest, and in excellent condition. 
  • Skirts of a modest length can many times be found at OUAC.  They are worth more to me because they are difficult to find. Since I don't sew, I have no difficulty paying $4.99 for a skirt that we can feel good about.  I recently paid $3.99 for a dressy CATO skirt at OUAC that still had tags on it.  I know that Cato clearances out little girls skirts quite often, but the chances of me finding that skirt for that price are too slim.
  • OUAC sells about everything related to baby.  You can probably get things off Craigslist or at garage sales a little cheaper, but if you need something in a pinch, you can count on this store to have it.
  • They often have "bag sales" and "discount days" which they advertise through email if you are on their list.  They also have a stamp card which can be used for discounts.
  • Even though they are a higher end used clothing store, now and then you may find a spot on an item.  I have never asked for a price reduction (I don't buy stained items), but they may do that.
Things to remember when selling to OUAC:
  • It is important to call your store before you take in items.  Not all stores accept all seasons and sizes at all times.  They become especially overrun with infant and toddler items.  Just check to be safe, especially if you are driving a distance.
  • This store would buy a name brand item that has some wear (not stains or holes) before they would take a Walmart item that looked much newer.  Name brands are not a big deal to me, but they are to OUAC!  I tend to buy clearance name brands now because I know they provide a bigger return and many times cost me less to start with!  They seem to especially like Osh Kosh (best success for me), Old Navy, Gymboree, Gap, and some Children's Place.  Carter's does ok, too.  They readily took all of my Laura Ashley toddler dresses, which I had found at Value City for almost nothing.
  • OUAC does not wash or iron any items.  They must arrive ready to sell.  They hold each piece under a light and inspect for flaws, stains, tears, etc.  If there is a stain, they might rub a Shout stick on it to see if it will come out, but for the most part, they will not accept anything that isn't shelf ready.
  • OUAC will not accept outdated items.  If something has a history of not selling well for them, the won't accept.  If they don't accept something, they will give you a reason.  Usually they either already have too many, the item has a defect, or the item has not been a good seller.  I took them a ton of maternity clothes that were name brand and were in excellent condition, and they only accepted about three pieces.  The styles were a problem.  In my circles, the styles were fine, but I'm assuming that this generation of pregnant women prefer tigher, more form-fitting maternity clothes.  Anyway, that is something to consider.
  • Clothes should be folded and in boxes or totes, not bags.  They don't like bags.  :)
  • OUAC pays cash on the spot, or gives a slight increase if you will take store credit. I have not done store credit because I do not have a local store, and I do not purchase frequently.
My routine these days is to keep a tote strictly for OUAC clothes.  As the kids outgrow things, I sort them either into a Goodwill bag or the tote.  If they brand is right and it is in good shape, it hits the tote.  When the tote is full (or when I'm headed to a city with OUAC), I take it along, drop it off, and come back for my cash and leftovers within a few minutes or sometimes as long as a couple of hours, depending on how many people are in front of me. 
What do you do with unused or outgrown clothing?  I'd like to hear from you!
***I visited the Greenwood, IN OUAC store a couple of nights ago.  It is much bigger than any other location I have been in, and I was able to snag a two skirts that I'm excited about.  Until you've had to buy for a girl with long legs and a tiny waist, it's difficult to appreciate this!
Cherokee Khaki - $3.50

Old Navy Denim - $4.50

Their 70% off sale is in progress, and we were able to get a couple of extra things dirt cheap. I was a little disappointed, though.  I called ahead and asked if they were accepting all items, and they said yes.  I took my tote, and they only purchased a few items.  They paid me $13.50, which was good for what they took.  I'm going to go back through the items I have left to determine why the weren't purchased, then I will take them to the Findlay, OH or Ft. Wayne, IN store next time I am in one of those areas. 
Happy Friday!


  1. Good post, Stephanie! I was particularly thrilled with the $15 bag sale they had here last weekend...Lauren got at least 10 new shirts..not to mention everything else I crammed in the bag. I do think they can be a little quirky when it comes to purchasing YOUR items though. Once I bought a maternity shirt there, wore it once, took it back 2 months later, and they wanted nothing to do with it. weird. I find I do way better on Ebay, and the Consignment sale I participate in at a local church. Right now on Ebay, I have a Gap maternity jean skirt going for $20! Nice:)

  2. HI The above comment was me:) I had trouble getting it to accept my comment.

  3. Nancy,
    It's really good to see you blogging again! :-)
    I would love to be able to set up some kind of a swap/sale type thing at one of our events...maybe IHC or something. I know it would be tons of work, and probably impossible, but wow, would I ever love to have a ton of modest girls clothes in one place!
    Hug my nieces for me when you see them...we haven't been together in way too long!


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