Monday, July 25, 2011

"Trust His Heart"

Trusting doesn't come easily to me, and it's days like today that I have to remind myself that "God is too wise to be mistaken, God is too good to be unkind..."  Why would emotion threaten to smother belief?  Quite frankly, it's because I don't understand.  I don't see the bigger picture.  And I may never.
My students wrap themselves around my heart in such a way that their pain becomes mine.  Whether their suffering involves physical infirmity, a traumatic family situation, or simple insecurity, my instinct is to want to shelter them from the hurt that life inevitably brings.
But today I can't. I can't reverse the tragic physical effects of brain trauma. I can't bring back the father that was taken from his two young boys only moments ago.  I can't come up with a reason that is "good enough" for a situation such as this.  With everything that is in me, I wish things were different, but reality has once again reminded me that life is fragile and uncertain.  It's a reality we all must face, but it never becomes any easier to accept.  Death seems like such a thief. 
It's times like these that I must grasp the promise that He knows what is best, He sees the first and last, and His ways are not our ways, and with that knowledge somehow attempt to comfort hearts that, like mine, cannot see His plan. 
And because I know how big His love really is, I'm confident that He will wipe tender tears and shelter little hearts with the love that only a Heavenly Father could provide.  I can trust Him on that.
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  1. So much heartache in this world....
    Well-written post.


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