Thursday, August 2, 2012

15 Things {Day Fifteen}


Young love is fun and exciting,
but love “all grown up” is breathtakingly beautiful.

I can't believe this day is here!  15 years ago this very moment, my husband and I committed ourselves to each other "till death do us part," and every day since that one, we have done our best to honor our word. 

In the last few months, I've had the opportunity to observe some dating couples.  Watching them, I have been reminded of how scary it is to make our biggest decisions when we are seemingly least prepared.  But here's how it works out in my mind (and what I hope to pass on to my children):

Even though most of us make this life-altering decision when we're plenty ignorant and inexperienced, two people (even young ones) who are serving God, walking in complete surrender to Him, and seeking His will in every aspect of their lives will make itTheir marriage will not only survive Satan's toughest darts, it will thrive and be a beautiful example.  Two ignorant and inexperienced kids who aren't serving God?  The odds aren't so good.  Isn't it amazing how God MAKES the difference! 

I won't soon forget the feeling of young love.  The carefree, starry-eyed days of setting up house, learning each other's craziest oddities, adapting to being one rather than doing our own was fun and exciting.

Then real life sets in.  Sickness, new babies, family deaths, miscarriage, sleepless nights, long days, hard work, hormones, arguments, financial stress, you name it...eventually marriage isn't all fun and excitement.  But the beauty of marriage "all grown up" is that real love is birthed through the commitment that strengthens as two walk hand in hand through each of the difficulties life brings their way.  They don't cut and run when the mundane routines get boring, the house is messy, or the spouse puts on fifteen pounds.  They always remember what brought them together.  They always cherish what they are together.  They always look ahead at the opportunities they will embrace together.  And it's breathtakingly beautiful.

Would I jump at the opportunity to go back to my wedding day
and experience the excitement and the fun of young love? 

 Not on your lifeI'll take love "all grown up" - any day of the week.   ;-) 

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