Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School!

Excitement is in the air, even in blogland.  America's children are heading back to school.  August has to be the most mixed up emotional month of any of the twelve for me!  Not only does it make me a little sentimental to see my kiddos so rapidly making their way through grade school, but back to school also means my days at home without a 9-5+ commitment are rapidly coming to a close.  :-( 
However, the inner voice of our family is screaming for structure and mental stimulation, and school provides that better than the lazy days of summer.  The challenge of a new school year with new and returning faces in my classroom has a bit of a pull for me, as well.  :-)

So this week will find me painting, filing, sprucing, decorating, and getting ready for August 22nd.  On the home front, I was tickled pink when I pulled out my school supplies tote and found it stocked with most everything we need for this year!  I didn't realize I had so many leftover free or almost free items from last year's back to school specials.  Makes all those early morning Office Max/Office Depot runs well worth it.   Hopefully I'm that lucky when I pull out the school uniform tote. Greg measured Ryan at 5'10" tonight (last year he started school at about 5'3"), so I'm guessing we'll need to do a bit of shopping, but nothing major (crossing my fingers). 

As I peruse the blogs, I smile as I understand anew what a great country we live in.  Mom and dads have the ability to choose the education that they think is best for their child.  I sense the anticipation of homeschooling families as they compile their curriculum for the year, sometimes trying new ideas or techniques, and I understand that only in America is something like this even remotely possible.  I think about the fact that I actually drive into a church facility every morning and teach children in a Christian environment using God's Word as a basis for every subject.  How many moms and dads in intolerant countries would give anything for that privilege?  We are so blessed.  The political climate has had me a bit discouraged and frustrated, but when I remember our freedoms, I have renewed hope. 

Whatever your "back to school" situation, may your week be filled with all the best things of the season.  Happy Monday!

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