Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For the Sake of Freedom...

So I'm sitting in line, waiting for my sweet tea and waffle fries amid the largest patronage I've ever seen at any restaurant.  This place is packed inside and out.  Lines stretch down each of the adjoining roads, and adjacent restaurant parking are loaded...with people walking to Chick fil A! 

Smiles abound.  Without words, a common bond is bringing us out in mass force today.  Not to scream and yell at the one lonely protester waring his rainbow socks and holding a pathetic looking poster that reads, "Jesus had two dads, and he turned out ok," but to support the right of a Christian businessman to speak his beliefs without fear of being a target. 

As I wait only 30 minutes start to finish, I realize that Chick fil A is not only a great place to eat (always knew that), but their employees have the competence to handle massive crowds like this (which includes taking orders out in the street in the bright sun of a 95 degree day) with friendly smiles and cheerful teamwork.  No fast food joint in my home town would have the ability to pull that off, at least from my observation.

As I leave the throngs of happy Chick fil A supporters (who represent a variety of age and ethnicity), I say a prayer for the scrawny, twenty-something protester guy who was holding the pathetic looking blasphemous poster.  Apparently he's already given up...he's nowhere to be seen, the lines of cars haven't shortened, and it looks to be a productive day for the "eat mor chickin" crowd, a huge statement of support for the American way, and from the vibes I was getting inside the store, a non-political, pro-family thumbs up for the Biblical ideal "marriage is between a man and a woman."

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