Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birds & Bees or Flies & Puppies

Maybe I'm missing something here.  I admit that I haven't kept up to speed on the reproductive cycles of insects and animals (maybe my friend Carrie can help me), but it seems like everywhere I turn, the "cycle" is in process!

We haven't had a "girl" dog in years (when I was at home our very fertile Brittany gave birth to something like 108 puppies), but last summer we bought a girl Beagle. 

Apparently somewhere around her 1st birthday, she became a woman.  :-)  Such an intriguing thing for 4 kids to watch.  I had to call my brother, who raises Cocker Spaniels, and see how long this "season" would last, as it is a bit of a distraction...haha!  We can't wait to get Ginger to the country and give her a boyfriend.  Raising animals is a great learning experience for kids.

And then I was outside of the school watching some students on recess when I about had my head taken off by two very intense dragonflies.  Yes, dragonflies will attack humans if they feel the human is a threat to their mating experience.


Later that evening, Ryan called to me from the kitchen, "Mom, there are two flies mating on the ceiling..."  Lovely.  He interrupted them with the flyswatter, and they hit the floor - together - dead.

I just had to get online and do a little research to get some info about insects, and as usually happens when researching anything, I found more information than I actually bargained for. reaffirmed to me once again that no matter what society says, God has a design.  It is intricate and specific, even in insect world!  How have things gotten so messed up?  Why are so many young adults confused about "who" they are regarding their sexual makeup?  Why is the government so set on forcing us to accept what is an abomination to God?  Most of us know the answer, but are we reinforcing these principles to our children?  Are we facing the tough topics with courage and honesty? 
I've been in education (and real life) long enough to know that the most "protected" child is still a target for Satan's wrath.  It doesn't matter whether we live in the Bible Belt or less religious parts of America, the "back 40" or the city, sinful lifestyles are paraded before our children at various times, and Satan will use any means possible to plant a seed in their minds.  
Let's challenge one another to pass on Godly principles with real life application and with the Bible and Science as our foundation.
Now go out and see what's happening in your back yard.  :-)


  1. Oh my - I hope I am not the only one who laughed til I had tears from the little story of the flies! I am sorry but that cracked me up!!! :))

  2. Haha!! I don't know why I just now saw this--2 weeks later! Dogs come into season twice a year (just so you've been forewarned! ;))

    Love the little lessons that God provides right in our own backyards (or on the kitchen ceiling--hahaha!)


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