Monday, April 16, 2012

Here I Am...

sitting in McDonald's playland, spending some quality time with my kids.  It's unusual that we are the only people in this large play area, but it's probably a good thing.  I'm listening online as my brother is giving a radio tribute to my grandmother.  He is playing her favorite song, and you can find the link below if you would like to enjoy it, too. 

Each of us has our own special connection with Granny, and one of Eric's has been that she listened to him on the radio each M-F afternoon/evening from 2-10.  When she moved from Illinois 5 years ago, Christian radio immediately became one of her best friends.  Eric is going to miss knowing that she is on the receiving end of his ministry.

My granny loved gospel music.  She played the guitar, and always had a special fondness for Southern Gospel.  She took Ryan and Evan to a Legacy Five concert in February, and loved every minute of it. 

Her radio was on day and night, and it wasn't unusual to find her reading the newspaper - with a book turned upside down on her lap, the radio blaring, and her dvd player competing with the radio.  She loved it all.  :-)

Granny was unassuming.  She was satisfied in knowing that Jesus had given Himself for her sins, and she was amazed at His love for her.  That was enough to satisfy her heart completely.  Here is Jason Crabb and The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir...

We love you, Granny.  I especially enjoyed shopping for you this morning.  I know your Heavenly robes are more stunning that what we picked for you to wear to your funeral, but I still think you would have liked the new dress.  :-)


  1. Oh, Stephanie, I'm listening to IHC and just heard that you lost your sweet Grandma. So, I quickly came to your blog and read this post. What a special post you wrote about your Grandma. I especially got a little teary-eyed about your shopping trip for her funeral dress...and you saying that you think she'd like it. How sweet.
    Maybe our Grandmas are getting acquainted in Heaven right now. My Grandma was 104 years and 7 months. My Daddy said that she was the oldest resident in the city of Westfield, IN. But...the minute she arrived in Heaven...she was the newest resident. =)

    I'm so sorry and I know you are going to miss her, like I miss my Grandma, but we have plans to join them in Heaven one day!


  2. What a sweet tribute you wrote, and I agree, with Heather, I liked the part about her liking her new dress. : ) I know you all will miss her, just as we'll miss my grandpa, but what a comfort knowing they're pain free and rejoicing in heaven. We'll see them again one day.

    Praying for you all.


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