Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plan B

If last week was productive, this week is just the opposite!  Life as we know it can come to a screeching halt pretty quickly, can't it?  My time has been split between the hospital and school with a little sleep crammed in between.  Thanks to those of you who have been praying.  My granny is keeping us guessing...she gets a little better, then a little worse...but today has definitely brought an improvement.

Easter was a wonderful time of meditation/celebration.  This year we really didn't participate in any of the extra-curricular Easter activities.  No egg hunts, no parties, just worship.  The girls were excited to receive new dresses, and the boys are way beyond that and couldn't have cared less that they were wearing something old.  :-)  It was nice. 

Each moment spent at the hospital has been a poignant reminder of the uncertainty of life, and the surety of death.  I have watched a grieving family remove a mother from life support after several days of hopeful waiting.  I have listened to the wondering, the questioning, and the painful recognition of finality.  It's had a sobering effect on my spirit.  Kind of put things back into perspective for me.

We're unsure of what the next few days and weeks hold, but we know Who's holding the days and weeks, and that's what matters. 

Looking ahead short-term, there is one more school day before spring break.  What could be more exciting than that?! 

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