Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Smell Progress!

Dontcha just love those 'git-r-done' weeks?! We had one of those last week, and this ain't no April Fool's joke! :-)

At our house:
  • Front beds mulched, grass planted
  • Shower floor repaired
  • My closet organized for spring and unused items removed (who knew I had 16 denim skirts?)
  • My dresser drawers organized
  • My nightstand drawers organized
  • Bedroom dusted, hardwood swept, rug vacuumed
  • Bathroom cabinets organized
  • All of the girl's stuffed animals, dolls, and books boxed
  • Kid's closet (they all share one the length of the bedroom wall) cleaned and organized
  • Laundry room counter cleaned and organized (it is about an 8-ft counter - clutter collector)
  • Photo albums, VHS tapes, and miscellaneous unused home decor boxed
  • One replacement window installed (4 to go)
  • A couple of hours spent at Lowe's and Menard's
  • A breakfast date at Bob Evan's with my sweetheart (and a bogo coupon)  :-)

It's amazing what we can do when we roll up our sleeves and get busy!  Tomorrow night I plan to clean out the girls' dressers and tape off the boys' room for painting.  It would be awesome to have most things finished by the long-awaited vacation day - Good Friday! 

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