Wednesday, July 18, 2012

15 Things I've Learned...

Greg & Stephanie
~August 2, 1997~
My 15th wedding anniversary is coming up in 15 days.  What a ride this journey of marriage has been to this point!  We're hoping that God will grant us 60+ years together, but however long He chooses to allow us to live, we want to have a great marriage that reflects love, commitment, and happiness to a world that seems to know little of the three.

During the next 15 days, I'm going to post 15 things I have learned in these first 15 years of being a wife.  Some of these things I knew in theory, but there's nothing like experience to bring us wisdom! Of course, this 15 year education has taught me waaaay more than 15 things {lol}, but you probably already knew that.  :-)

So, stay tuned...and if you have something you'd like to throw in, feel free!  Lots of women have told me they keep up with the blog, and I'm sure we can all learn something valuable from the experience of another. 

Be blessed today!

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