Monday, July 16, 2012


It's quiet. Everyone else is in bed.
My mind is running a thousand miles an hour.
I have so much to do, yet...
I seriously just spent 2 hours reading blogs and pinterest.
Now that's what I call time management. Or whatever.
Anyone wanna cast the first stone?  {lol}

I'm gonna head on to bed with a headache (too much screen time) and heartburn (who knew a late dinner of leftover lasagna could feel this yuck).  My husband can't wait until school starts and his night owl once again goes to bed at a semi-decent time.  Until then, there will likely be midnight posts, and yeah, probably a little heartburn.  :-)

In other news, tomorrow brings the blast off of our VBS -

and it's making me both excited and exhausted just to think about all the work between now and then!  Fortunately, we have about the coolest team anyone could ask for, and they are all working their tushies off to make this the best VBS ever.  Anytime I participate in a group project like this, I have a new appreciation for the variety of gifts represented in the church.  I don't just mean my church, but any church that is comprised of people who are willing to sacrifice a little (or a lot) to make something worthwhile happen.  And amazing things can happen when different people with different ideas, different gifts, and even different opinions unify toward a cause. 

I know VBS isn't up everyone's alley of interest, but I will try to post a few pics as the week progresses to show our set and our stations.  This is our 3rd year to use the Answers in Genesis VBS curriculum, and since I didn't find this wonderful stuff until 2010, this year we are catching up and using the 2009 kit (the first one AIG put out).  If you are interested in hearing my perspective on the AIG curriculum, you can shoot me an email, and I'll be happy to help you as much as I can.

Now that it's offically morning, I'm off to find the Tums and my pillow.

Mahvalous Monday to ya!


  1. Hope your VBS is a great success. Ours starts next Tuesday and I am already nervous :) If you are going to do it you want to do it well...and well, I get nervous before such big events!

  2. Some things never change, do they? Night owl, you! ;) Hope your VBS is going well...glad for the reports that I have heard. We start ours tonight and Annie came down with fever yesterday. It's a virus of sorts that includes fever and sore throat. Hoping it passes quickly as I'm the director of our VBS. I have quite a few helpers though, so I think even if I end up having to miss, it will be successful.


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