Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 15


Our kids have reached the point of boredom and exhaustion with the remodel process, so I took them home from school on Day 15 and let them just enjoy being home for a couple of hours.  Dad and Greg were working on a stubborn area of the dining room floor (laying laminate on a surface that isn't perfectly level is frustrating and time consuming), and I knew they could use the peace and quiet.  :-)

I enjoyed those hours immensely...just getting order back into the house, organizing a few things, and packing a couple of boxes.  The weather outside was crisp, and the warmth of home and a pumpkin/vanilla candle gave me a happy feeling.

Later in the evening, my dad took the two boys with him to Illinois, and I went with mom and the girls to pick out stain for the living room floor.  Mom and I had planned to leave for Sandusky, OH for the Women of Worth Retreat, but decided to wait until morning and save ourselves the hassle of packing for the night, driving in the rain, and staying in a motel in an unfamiliar town.

My fingers are crossed that the stain we chose works well!

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