Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 16...

The other day, a friend asked if there was any one thing about this remodel process that ended up being bigger deal than expected.   I've thought about that a lot in the last few days because I tend to be the type to visualize a challenge without factoring in all the circumstances. 

When we made this decision 8 months ago, we knew it would be a big job.  The kitchen and bathrooms had been remodeled, but due to neglect and pure filth, one of the bathrooms had to have a lot of work.  The kitchen and other bath just needed a real good cleaning.  Other than that, lots of nasty carpet had to be ripped out, all the walls had to be repainted, a doorway had to be restructured, a ceiling needed replaced, and a room needed drywall due to holes punched into the paneling.  The home already had new siding, windows, etc., and was in good shape structurally.  Two new sump pumps had already been put into the basement, and the basement walls had been professionally redone.  So this is one of those homes that could be salvaged with moderate skill level, lots of "elbow grease," and lots of patience.

My parents closed on the rental the day that my grandma went into the hospital in April.  She died ten days later, and the emotion and busyness continued through the month.  Then into summer...needless to say, we didn't get started on the house in earnest until August.  Our house sold and closed two weeks ago.  Once an offer was made, that process went much more quickly than we intended, and we started the countdown. 

As it stands now, the only things we didn't intend to do were to rip out the kitchen and bathroom floors.  The kitchen flows into the dining room, and the previous owners had carpet in the dining room.  Ugh.  Greg is installing one floor that will bring continuity to those rooms.  I think I underestimated how many times I would paint the same walls.  We used the best paint with the best coverage, but don't be coat coverage is not really achievable.  :-)

Day 16 - 1. The upstairs is done!  (And, for the record, I hate painting ceilings!)
               2. Another layer of flooring comes up in the dining room to make it level with the kitchen.

Wow - doncha love that look?  :-)

               3. Bathroom #1 scrubbed (Thanks, Mom!)

The entire dining room (including newly drywalled ceiling) needs to be painted before I leave for the conference this weekend.  Greg intends to finish the flooring in there, as well as stain and do the 1st seal on the living room hardwood by Saturday.  Carpet is being installed Monday and Tuesday, and then we begin moving furniture (if the hardwood floors are completely done and dry).

 By the time I get all of the paint out of my hair, I probably really will be turning gray.  :-)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Bless your hearts...wish we were close enough to help. I think you should leave the dining room flooring like it is in the picture. :)


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