Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 9

My "boss" unexpectedly covered for me for the afternoon, so I was able to get into my paint clothes a little earlier than planned.  Yay for me - just love those paint clothes {please sense the sarcasm}.
Friday's work made me feel like an old woman.  Not sure why all of the sudden every part of me ached like I had been beaten, but 4 ibuprofen were a necessity, that's for sure!  :-)

Our neighbor and friend, Stephanie Cantrell, brought us dinner on Friday.  Thank you, Stephanie, for your thoughfulness!  I'm sure McDonald's missed us, but we sure didn't miss them!  :-)

Stew and rice

Homemade cornbread (huge hit!)
I painted most of the dining room and touched up parts of the living room.  Didn't seem like I accomplished much, but it took hours and I finally wrapped it up and went home at about midnight.

I will miss my inset porch.  The privacy made it a nice
place to relax - when we actually had time to sit there.  :-)
I didn't decorate much outdoors because
of the move, but I love the color of
the mums this year.  So vibrant!

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