Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Everybody...

just wanted to let you know that Alli survived her immunizations yesterday...or maybe I should say mommy survived them! I have never had Greg to go with me to a dr. appt. except for a few times when I was pregnant. Just never thought it was really a "two-man" job, and I like to feel that I can handle things on my own. Usually that works okay for me, but the thought of going in that place alone yesterday was more than I could handle! Greg could not go, so my mom (knowing my severe weakness in this area), pushed her schedule around a little, and met me there. The horrid nurse was sitting behind the desk when I walked in, but fortunately she was not the one to see Alli. The poor little gal was scared to death the minute we walked into the hallway toward the exam rooms. She cried and cried every time they touched her, and she kept repeating the same words, "Done? Almost?" It was pitiful. Mom kept her occupied as much as possible with m&m's and pictures. After an almost 2 hr. visit (is that normal?) and 5 shots, we were able to leave the little torture chamber and head for home! This is my absolute LEAST favorite part of mommyhood!
Anyway, just wanted to let ya know the outcome. Thank goodness for an "off" day today so that she could rest and recoup.

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