Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mealtime Quandry

As winter and cooder temperatures are approaching, I am looking for quick, nutritious meals to serve to my family on weeknights. When the kids were younger, we ate out a lot. It was easy to go to Bob Evans or someplace nice, and get a good meal. I wasn't guilty about that because I have always worked full time, and had enough to do when I was home without cooking and cleaning up. Now things are changing a bit, and a free "kids night" meal at a local restaurant is no longer enough for my growing boys. We can spend all my earnings real quickly! Also, the kids would much rather eat at home, and it provides more quality time for us. Growing up, my mom always worked, either in the ministry or in nursing, but she was fantastic at putting together economical, yet satisfying meals each evening. Needless to say, I would feel guilty to feed my family mac-n-cheese and hot dogs for dinner! Although I would do it in a pinch, I feel much better putting something out that is tasty while incorporating a variety of colors, textures, and flavors. I don't mind baking a pre-made frozen entree' (decent quality and flavor) and adding veggies, salad, bread, etc. Since I was not born for the kitchen (we have it cause it came with the, recipes that are lengthy or complicated scare me.
I would love to hear your ideas for nourishing and comforting (this can be the most important part) meals for cool nights.

p.s. While you're browsing the web, be sure to check out my cousin's blog
SHE was born for the kitchen!


  1. Let me tell you friends, although my dear sister thinks she wasn't made for the kitchen, she can sure put together a mean meal!

  2. Haha...thanks for the vote of confidence, Val, but "mean" can mean a lot of things!

  3. Soups!! Soups are easy and nutritious! Chicken and rice is pretty versatile, too!

    Don't feel guilty fixing something your mom wouldn't have had. Some of my boys' favorite supper meals are breakfast (you can't get much easier than scrambled eggs) and Hamburger Helper! :) I've also even cooked frozen pizza for Sunday dinner--my mom would've NEVER done that!!!

    I know what you mean about growing boys. I used to be able to cook and have leftovers for the next day. Not any more! :( And the kids' meals?? They don't even fill up Jared anymore.

  4. My favorite easiest Soup is Miranda's Taco Soup.
    2 lb.(deer:-)this is not Miranda's vs.-) burger
    1 sm. onion
    1 pkg. taco seasoning
    2 cans of beans (undrained)
    1 pkg. of Ranch
    2 cans of diced Tomatoes
    1 can Ro-Tel(tomatoes with chilies)

    I fry my meat with the onion & season like I would taco meat.
    Then just dump in the rest. I use whatever variation I have on hand. Beans (pinto, kidney, chili, black). I have put liquid Ranch rather than pkt. if I don't have as well.

    Add water to the desired "soupiness."
    Can serve with shredded cheese and sour cream if you don't mind the extra fat content. ;-)
    I also like to put the healthy cornbread recipe I have on my blog with it.

    I'll post a couple more soup recipes you might like to try on my blog.

  5. Thanks Stephanie...haha...I do love to cook and I have improved since my early childhood creations. haha
    Hey...I just put a 3 item recipe on the blog...French's Crispy Onion Chicken. It uses the onions that you put on green bean casserole and the boys loved it. 3 ingredients, 20 minutes and done. :)


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