Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Valuable Moments, Vital Decisions

With each passing day, my "mommy paranoia" is more difficult to suppress. At times the "what-ifs" tend to overwhelm my mind, and if I'm not careful, they can sap some of the joy from my journey.
As a couple of our children begin to approach the pre-adolescent years, the reality is that their days under our roof are swiftly passing. Soon they will be making their own way in life, for better or for worse. The fact that we as parents are accountable to God for our role in child-rearing should make us even more determined to follow His rules.
Day-to-day routines should not just happen to us, we should happen to them. Why? Because successful parenting isn't achieved by accident, or simply doing what is convenient. It is realized only through hard work, determination, and fervent prayer.
Every moment is valuable, and every decision is incredibly vital.

If you have a suggestion or comment for ever-learning mothers, feel free to share. We could all use some fresh insight and perspective on the most important job God assigned to womanhood!

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